Chapters in Books

Below is a fairly comprehensive list of chapters I have published in various edited collections over the course of my career. A few have been co-authored and I have provided a some links to google books and the odd final draft .pdf. In some cases my work can be accessed via SSRN,, google scholar and on my pages at ANU.

“Law in Action” in W Swain and D Campbell (eds) Reimagining Contract Law Pedagogy Routledge (2019) 10,000 words.

“Gendering the Company” in R Auchmuty (ed) Great Debates in Law and Gender Palgrave MacMillan (2018) 134-148

“The Corporation and the Anthropocene” in L Kotze (ed) Environmental Law and the Anthropocene Hart Publishing (2017) 289-307

“Reconstruction of Ethical Conduct Within Financial Firms” in Dorn (ed) Controlling Capital: Public and Private Regulation of Financial Markets. Routledge (2016) 77-97

“Applying for Research Funding” in Ashford and Guth (eds) The Legal Academic’s Handbook Palgrave MacMillan (2016) 197-200

“Phd Supervision” ” in Ashford and Guth (eds) The Legal Academic’s Handbook Palgrave MacMillan (2016) 225-228

“Empirical Studies in Contract – The Way Forward?” in L Cahillane and J Schweppe (eds) Legal Research Methods: Principles and Practicalities. Clarus Press (2016) 175-197

“Independence and Diversity in Board Composition” in R Tomasic (ed) Routledge Handbook of Corporate Law (2016) 81-98 

(with Dave Cowan) “The Reach of Human Rights” in Allain and Xu (eds) Property and Human Rights in a Global Context Hart Publishing (2015) 197-221

“What Ian Macneil Might have said about using EBay” in Campbell, Mulcahy and Wheeler (eds) Changing Conceptions of Contract: Essays in honour of Ian Macneil Palgrave MacMillan (2013) 37-64

“From Responsible Investor to Stewarded Investor” in D Feenan (ed) Putting the Social back into Socio-Legal Studies (Forthcoming 2013) Palgrave Macmillan. [final draft .pdf

“Corporate Respect for Human Rights: as good as it gets” in A Perry- Kessaris (ed) Socio-Legal Approaches to International Economic Law: Text, Context, Subtext (Forthcoming) Routledge. 8,000 words. 

“Contract Law: Socio-Legal Accounts of the Lived World of Contract” (with Linda Mulcahy) in Hunter, R. (ed) Integrating Socio-Legal Studies into the Law Curriculum. (2012) Palgrave-Macmillan pp.104-120.

“Climate Change and Corporate Governance” in D French et al (eds) Criminological and Legal Consequences of Climate Change. (2012) Hart Publishing pp.92-109.

"Board Composition and Female Non-Executive Directors" in MacNeil and O’Brien (eds) The Future of Financial Regulation. (2010) Hart. pp.271-281.

"Watching the Watchers" in M Dubnik &  Fredricksson (eds) Accountable Governance: Problems and Promises. (2009) M E Sharpe. pp.213-225.

“Engaging Individuals” in N Boeger, R Murray & C Villiers (eds). Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility. Edward Elgar. (2009) pp.224-245.

"Contracts and Corporations" in Kritzer and Cane (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Empirical Legal Research. OUP (2009) pp.68-88

“Political Consumption: Possibilities and Challenges” in A Perry-Kessaris (ed)  Law in the Pursuit of Development: Principles into Practice? Routledge (2009)  pp.41-68.

“Individual responsibility and CSR” in Villiers and Murray (eds) International Perspectives on CSR (2008) Elgar pp224-245

“Corporations, Human Rights and Social Inequality” in Morison, McEvoy, Anthony (eds), Judges, Transition and Human Rights.  OUP. (2007) pp.423-441.

“Women Go Shopping” in L Mulcahy and S Wheeler (eds) Feminist Perspectives on Contract Law. Glasshouse Press (2005) pp.21-49.

“An Ethical Frame for Corporate Behaviour” in F Macmillan (ed) Essays International Corporate Law (Vol. 2). Hart Publishing (2002) pp.151-176.

“Socio-Legal Studies” (with Phil Thomas), in D Hayton (ed) Law(s) Futures, Hart Publishing, 2000, pp267-279.

“Towards A Feminisation of the Corporation”, in M Freeman (ed) Current Legal Problems (vol 52) 1999 pp313-358.

“Common or self-interest? The relationship between corporate activity and voluntary action” in B Knight et al (eds) Building Civil Society CAF West Malling, 1998, pp127-134.

“Directions for Corporate Citizenship” in The Institute for Citizenship Studies (ed), Corporate Citizenship, Institute for Citizenship Studies, 1998, pp13-19.

“Corporations as citizens”, in J.P. Gardiner (ed.), Hallmarks of Citizenship, British Institute of Comparative Law, 1997, pp1-24.

“Socio-Legal Studies and Company Law”, in P. Thomas (ed.), Socio-Legal Studies, Dartmouth, 1997, pp279-310.

“A thematic introduction to the business enterprise”, in S. Wheeler (ed.), The Business enterprise, Oxford University Press, 1994, [Oxford Readings in Socio-Legal Studies], ppl¬48.

“Capital fractionalised: the role of insolvency practitioners in asset distribution” in M. Cain and C. Harrington (eds.), Lawyers in a Postmodern World, Open University Press, Buckingham, 1994, pp85-104.

“Introduction”, S. Wheeler (ed.), Company law, Dartmouth, 1993, [International Library of Essays in Law and Legal Theory], ppi - xiii.

“Proposal for a Council Directive on the Liability of Suppliers of Services: An English View” (with J. Shaw), in E. Deutsch and J. Taupitz (eds.), Haftung der Dienstleistungsberufe, C.F. Müller, Heidelberg, 1993, pp13-36.

“Disqualification of Directors: A Broader View”, in Rajak (ed.), Insolvency Law: Theory and Practice, Sweet and Maxwell, London, 1993, pp181-193.

“The liability of suppliers of services in the United Kingdom - The potential impact of the draft EC Directive” (with J. Shaw), in S. Littbarski (ed.), The Draft Directive on the liability of suppliers of services, Bundesanzeiger, Cologne, 1993, pp30-44.

“Receiverships and Liquidations”, in M. Clarke, Business Crime. Polity Press, Cambridge, 1990 pp196-210