Journal Articles

Below is a fairly comprehensive list of articles I have published in peer reviewed journals over the course of my career. A few have been co-authored and I have provided a some links or pdfs. In some case my work can be accessed via SSRN,, google scholar and on my pages at ANU.

 “Reimagining A Law and Society Vision for Exchange” (2019) 27 Griffith Law Review (9000 words forthcoming) 

Review: Susan Block‐Lieb and Terence Halliday: Global Lawmakers: International Organizations in the Crafting of World Markets” (2018) 45 Journal of Law and Society 600-696

Managing the Disruption of Innovation” (2017) 32 Australian Journal of Corporate Law 1-18

Visions of Contract” (2017) 44 (SI) Journal of Law and Society 74-92

Global Production, CSR and Human Rights: the Courts of Public Opinion and the Social License to Operate” (2015) Int J of Human Rights 757-778

“'Dangerously, outrageously, elitist' - A Solution to Law Graduate Unemployment” (2013) 40 Journal of Law and Society 670-680

Internalities and the Foundations of Corporate Governance” (with Ciarán O’Kelly) (2012). Social and Legal Studies 21:469-489.

Gender Diversity in the FTSE 100” (with Mark McCann) Journal of Law and Society 38 (2011) 542-574.

“Independent Directors and Corporate Governance” (2012) 26 Australian Journal of Corporate Law, 168-187. [.pdf]

Climate Change, Hans Jonas and Indirect Investors” (2012) 3 Journal of Environment and Human Rights, 92-115.

"Non-Executive Directors and Corporate Governance" (2009) 60 NILQ 51-62.

Gone and Almost Entirely Forgotten: The Watkinson Report” (2009) 60 NILQ 263-278.

Ethics in the workplace” (2007) 18 Law and Critique 1-28.

Labour and the Corporation” (2006) 6 Journal of Corporate Law Studies 361-396.

An Alternative Voice In and Around Corporate Governance” (2002) 25 Univ of NSW LJ 556-579.

"Works Councils: Towards Stakeholding" Journal of Law and Society 24 (1997) 44-64.

“Fraser and the Politics of Corporate Governance” (1999) 26 Journal of Law and Society 240-251.

“Corporate Law Firms and the Spirit of Community” (with Gary Wilson) (1998) 49 Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly 239-266. 

“Inclusive Communities and Dialogical Stakeholders: a Methodology for an Authentic Corporate Citizenship” (1998) 9 Australian J of Corporate Law 1-20.

“A Story of Edwardian Shopkeepers: Beatrix Potter’s Ginger and Pickles” (with Alice Belcher) (1997) 6 Griffith Law Review 181-206. 

“Contracting Out in the Insolvency Service: Performance Indicators and the Last Cowboy”, (1997) Australian Journal of Corporate Law 227-250.

“The Corporate Way of Death”, (1996) 7 Law and Critique 217-244.

“Directors’ Disqualification: Insolvency Practitioners and the decision-making process”, (1995) 15 Legal Studies 283-305.

“Empty Promises and Empty Rhetoric: The Creditors’ Meeting”, (1994) 21 Journal of Law and Society 350-373.

“Asset Location in Corporate Insolvency”, (1993) 1 Journal of Asset Protection and Financial Crime 20-30.

“Swelling the Assets for Distribution in Corporate Insolvency”, [1993] Journal of Business Law 256-269.

“Competition in the telecommunications sector”, (1992) 17 European law Review 67-74.

“Lawyers and Commercial Disputes”, (1991) 18 Journal of law and Society 241-253. 

“Judicial Attitudes to Part Two of the Insolvency Act 1986”, (1991) Insolvency Law and Practice 96-103

“Networks of similar agreements”, (with J. Shaw) (1991) 16 European Law Review 520-529. My contribution 50%

“The relationship between Articles 85(3) and 86”, (1991) 16 European law Review 308-312. 

“Directors’ Disqualification - recent trends”, (1990) 6 Insolvency law and Practice 207-209.

“Re Sevenoaks - Continuing the search for principle”, (1990) 6 Insolvency Law and Practice 174-177.

“Procedural Defences to Directors’ Disqualification”, (1990) 6 Insolvency Law and Practice 141-145.

“Removal of Liquidators”, (1989) 5 Insolvency Law and Practice 118-125

“The 1986 Insolvency Act and the Matrimonial Home”, [1989] Journal of Social Welfare Law 101-107.

“Good News for Factors”, (1989) 10 The Company Lawyer 151-155.

“Retention of Title clauses and the Insolvency Act 1986”, [1987] Journal of Business Law 180-186.

“The 1986 Insolvency Act and Retention of Title Clauses” (1987) 8 The Company Lawyer 277-288.